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Monday, May 31, 2010

Trying Something New

With all the restaurants we are trying for the first time, we thought it would be fun to do a little review of each one.  We have tried several new places in the last couple of months.  Here's a quick look at each:

BrewBurgers, Omaha
Very cool sports bar.  They offer many different types of burgers.  This is one place that has something for everyone.  They also make their own fries and have a wonderful selection of beers.
Autumn:  Inside Out Burger w/fries
Dustin:  West Texas Burger w/fries

5th Quarter Tavern, Palmyra
So, this is not really a new joint for us, but it is under new ownership with a new menu.  We've heard that the new owner was once a cook at P.O. Pears, so you know the food's gonna be good.  The pub has that great small town bar feel with a menu worthy of a city establishment.
Autumn:  The World Famous P.O. Pears "Jiffy" Burger w/fries
Hot Ham and Cheese w/fries
Dustin:  Steak Philly w/fries (both times we've visited)

Ming's House, Lincoln
We drive past this place nearly everyday and just got around to trying it.  Everyone we talked to about Ming's House has nothing but good things to say about it.  We couldn't agree more.  It was among the best Chinese food we've tried.  Huge portions!  Low prices!
Autumn:  Chicken Lo Mein w/crab rangoon
Dustin:  General Chicken w/rice

Bread and Cup, Lincoln
One of our colleagues suggested this restaurant and we were not disappointed.  The food was excellent and will be on a top 5 very soon.  However, the beer was pretty expensive; expect to pay about $6 for a draw.   
Autumn:  Turkey Sandwich w/salad
Dustin:  Pork Sandwich w/soup

Papilon Grill, Lincoln
Tried this place for lunch this week.  Wow, it exceeded all of my expectations.  I love gyros and these would definitely be on the top of my list. 
Autumn:  Z Sandwich Wrap w/Grecian Fries

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kearney Cuisine

We lived in Kearney for several years while attending UNK.  Kearney has a wonderful selection of great restaurants.  If you want a good local place, you need to get away from the interstate.  Head North and go over the overpass.  Kearney has way more to offer than the chain restaurants you see in the South end of town.

Top 5 Nebraska Local Restaurants - Kearney

Dustin’s List:
  1. Thunderhead: I like their Grand Cru, Honey Wheat, and Expresso Stout.  It has a unique, clean atmosphere
  2. Luke and Jake’s BBQ:  It's close to campus.  Loaded potatoes and raspberry ice tea are awesome.
  3. Little MexicoThey have the best chips and salsa.  Their specials are reasonable and there is an authentic taste to the food.
  4. New China Express:  I love the General Chicken and General Beef...and don't forget "We Delivery"
  5. Hunan Chinese RestaurantIt's good because their buffet has a wide variety and everything tastes good if not great.

Autumn’s List: 
  1. The Cellar:  They make the BEST onion rings
  2. The French Café:  Wonderful selection of muffins and desserts. 
  3. Thunderhead:  The Thunderpie and beer make this a must-stop
  4. Luke and Jake’s BBQ:  I always order the loaded baked potatoes
  5. Nick’s Gyros:  The food will stay with you for a while, but it is so worth it.
For some finer dining in Kearney, try Grandpa's Steakhouse or The Alley Rose


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Most Important Meal of the Day!

We have figured out exactly how to find a good breakfast; look for the place with the most pick-up trucks in the parking lot.  Truck stops and “dives” seem to make some really wonderful breakfast.  We have also encountered several great hotel breakfast buffets.  These are on the list, if the hotel/restaurant is not a chain. 

Top 5 Nebraska Breakfasts:

Dustin’s List
  1. Red Onion Grille, Lincoln
  2. Greenfields, Lincoln
  3. Cook’s Café, Lincoln
  4. Snack Shop Bakery, Loup City
  5. Engine House Café, Lincoln

Autumn’s List:
  1. The Lodge, Kearney
  2. The French Café, Kearney
  3. Cook’s Café, Lincoln
  4. Grandma Max’s, Grand Island
  5. Shoemaker‘s Travel Center, Lincoln
Lincoln Journal Star:  Jeff's Top Five Breakfast

Wednesday, May 5, 2010