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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Conserve Water: Drink Wine!

We are going wine tasting today to two of our favorite Nebraska wineries.  These lists look at the wineries holistically.  Although there are certain wines we enjoy at each of the Nebraska wineries, these have the most enjoyable wines overall.  The winery itself was also taken into consideration.

Here are our
Top 5 Nebraska Wineries:

Autumn’s List:
1 - SchillingBridge - Pawnee City
2 - Silver Hills - Tekamah,
3 - Soaring Wings - Springfield
4 - Prairie Creek - Central City
5 - Cuthills - Pierce

Dustin’s List:
1 - Soaring Wings- Springfield
2 - SchillingBridge- Pawnee City
3 - Silver Hills - Tekamah
4 - Prairie Creek - Central City
5 - Glacial Till - Palmyra

Busy day at SchillingBridge Winery and MicroBrewery, Pawnee City

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Beef State

As Nebraska is The Beef State, we decided our first top 5 would be BURGERS!
We took different approaches when it came to our top 5 burger lists.  Dustin's list contains several different types of burgers and Autumn's list is simply cheeseburgers.

Top 5 Nebraska Burgers

Dustin's List:
  1. Cheeseburger: Family Pub, Burr*
  2. Cheeseburger: Get-A-Way Bar and Grill, Manley
  3. The Bender:  Round the Bend Steakhouse & Saloon, South Bend
  4. Black Jack Burger:  Brewsky's Sports Bar, Lincoln
  5. Cheeseburger:  Tam O'Shanter Lounge, Lincoln

Autumn's List:
  1. Get-A-Way Bar and Grill, Manley
  2. Stella's, Bellevue
  3. Denton Daily Double Steakhouse, Denton
  4. Greg's Drive-In, Lincoln
  5. Tam O'Shanter Lounge, Lincoln

*This establishment is under new ownership, so we cannot guarantee the burgers here.

Dad's suggestion:  Peanut Butter, Bacon Cheeseburger:  5th Quarter Classic, Palmyra


Welcome to the first Top 5 Nebraska blog! 
First, you need to know a little about us and why we are doing this.  We are a young couple from Southeast Nebraska.  In our free time, we enjoy trying new eating and drinking establishments. 
Once on a long road-trip, we started playing a game we called "Top 5".  We would come up with a category and then give our top 5 list.  We would now like to share these top 5 lists with you.
We have found that word-of-mouth suggestions are more powerful and accurate than any commercial.  That's where you come in.  We have not been doing this very long, so if you know of a place we need to try, please leave a comment or email us. 
There are only a few rules to the top 5 lists:
1 - All establishments must be in Nebraska.
2 - All establishments must be local - No national chains allowed!
3 - No bashing the top 5, only suggestions that haven't been tried yet.
All lists are subject to change, and we hope they do, as we get suggestions to try new places.
Most of our top 5 lists are located in Southeast Nebraska or Central Nebraska.  We have two small children, so travel time has been minimal lately.  But, please send us suggestions across the state, and we will do our best to try these out.
More than anything, we would like you to try our suggestions and give us feedback.  But remember, we want to support local business, so don't downgrade any of the suggestions, just let us know what you like better.
Autumn & Dustin