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Whatcha Lookin' For?

Monday, June 28, 2010


I've been wanting to go to Stella's for quite some time.  This place is FAMOUS!  I've seen it on the Food Network, read about it in various magazines, and heard about it from numerous friends.
It totally lived up to all of my expectations.  The burgers were greasy and delicious!  They serve them on napkins which makes for an easy clean up.  The homemade fries were also very good.  I would recommend if you get anywhere near Bellevue GET TO STELLA'S.
This is the type of place we are always looking for; cheap, delicious, and totally local.


Note:  I loved this place so much I changed my top 5 burgers!

Capital City Grill-Closed

Can you imagine my excitement when LivingSocial offered a $30 for $15 deal to Capital City Grill.  My husband and I planned a date night.  But when we got to the restaurant it was closed.  Not like, closed for the night, but closed, closed.  Thankfully LivingSocial refunded my money, though I'm still disappointed this delightful dining establishment didn't make it.

Original Post:
We tried the Capital City Grill for our anniversary on Friday.  After reading a few reviews, I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  First impression was one of excitement.  This place looked great!  The woodwork was beautiful and the whole place had a very classic look to it.
There were numerous empty tables so I didn't think we would be waiting very long.  However, there was no one at the host station.  When someone finally did come talk to us, we were asked to wait a few minutes.  We were there nearly 10 minutes before we were seated.
The food was excellent.  I had the special, which was a chicken Florentine stuffed with crab and cream cheese with a red pepper sauce.  I also had the house salad, hash browns and vegetables.  I was very pleased with everything, except the hash browns, which were a little soggy.  Dustin had the Chicken Bourdeaux with a prime rib vegetable soup, rosemary and garlic mashed potatoes, and vegetables.  The mashed potatoes were amazing!
Overall, I think this place is a little confused.  The atmosphere, food, and price were that of an upscale restaurant, while the service and music (B-52's) was a little more casual than I thought it should be.  Hopefully they will get the kinks worked out and this can become a Haymarket classic.