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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Press Box

It's been quite a while since I've had the opportunity to sit down and punch out a blog.  We have tried several excellent wineries in the last few months, but I will get to those another day.  Last week we tried a brand new sports bar I couldn't wait to write about.
The Press Box
56th and Hwy 2 - Lincoln, NE
We used to love going to this place back when it was Bleachers, but lost interest once it changed to The Element.  It just recently opened again as a sports bar; you can still smell the fresh paint.  We were disappointed that they did not have any happy hour specials, but they were running a $2 domestic draw special all day, so we quickly got over it.  We ordered the most unique thing on the menu: Wing Fries.  This is an amazing creation that I am sad I didn't think of.  They take french fries and cover them with cheese and boneless wings with the sauce of your choice.  We ordered ours with the sweet chili sauce, which gave it a wonderful oriental flavor.  I highly recommend stopping in just for the wing fries.  We didn't have time to order supper, but will be back to The Press Box soon.

Read the review from The Lincoln Journal Star


Dustin and Autumn said...

Great article about The Press Box in today's Journal Star.

Anonymous said...

That bar has a drunken bar owner with multiple DUI's and the place is a hole in the wall. I can name 3 bars within a football fields distance that are better. You must be smokin crack.

Dustin and Autumn said...

Wow. You obviously did not read the rules for the blog. I agree there are several bars in the area that are wonderful establishments, however I don't know of any within "a football fields distance." Also, if you are judging an establishment by its owner or that it is "a hole in the wall," then you are seriously missing out on some great eating/drinking experiences. In the future, if you feel the need to bash our blog and the establishments included, at least have the guts to leave your name.

Anonymous said...

To "anonymous"- I think you should do your research on the owners of those other bars, on any bar in Lincoln for that matter. I think you will be very surprised! Sorry you seem so bitter! hope your life gets better soon!

Wray said...

I am an employee at the press box, and yes My boss got a DUI, but that doesn't make him any less of a person. Geez and everyone slips up now and again. Doesn't mean they are any less of a person, or that you should even judge someone you dont even know! As for a whole in the wall i dont see it. The press box is well lit, clean and friendly enviroment.We have a highly educated and friendly staff. Not to mention a few culinary grads/students working the kitchen. soo next time you open your mouth might i suggest you shove one of our amazing philly cheese steaks in it! also dont forget the fried pickels mmmmmm!

Anonymous said...

Love this place. Love the owners. If you're going to judge an establishment by the behavior of the owner, there are a lot of businesses that you'll need to boycott. Great food and a beautiful atmosphere. I am a regular here and have yet to be disappointed.